Agricultural and Forestry Activity

We strive for ecological and sustainable agriculture and afforestation, ensuring quality crops for our supply and that of local farmers. In our eagerness to protect the natural environment, we annually replant a variety of forest species, without the use of artificial chemicals.

We recognise the importance of a sustainable pasture that guarantees the future both for us and for generations to come.

Olive Grove and Mill

The Dehesa Frías olive grove, subject to regulations of Integrated Agriculture for the environment and belonging to A.P.I Opracol, has, among other varieties, Hojiblanca and Picuda de Baena olives.

Integrated Agriculture is an agricultural production system that uses practices compatible with the protection and improvement of the environment, natural resources, genetic diversity and conservation of soil and landscape. It is a system of agricultural production halfway between organic farming and industrial or conventional agriculture exploiting the advantages of both in order to respect the environment in which it, in our case the Dehesa of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla, operates.

The different olives, depending on the season and ripening, are made to turn green, as is usually the case with our Hojiblanca variety, or they are reserved for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as is the case with our Picuda de Baena variety, which we grind and package under our brand SUCUM.

Ecological Agriculture

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