Although the main activity of Dehesa Frías farm has been and still is agricultural-livestock, sheep, pigs, and especially, fighting bulls, in recent years we have carried out an intense strategy of diversification and innovation including transformation activities, which have allowed us to make a quantitative but qualitative leap in terms of offering products and services. We currently have three lines of agri-food products on the market, all made on the farm itself from our crops and livestock that live in our pasture, especially the goats and geese.

All products are marketed under our registered trademarks SUCUM and Finca Dehesa Frías

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted from our Picuda de Baena olives.

We produce mono varietal oil, obtained from a single olive variety: Baena pea. This variety, typical of the Córdoba and Jaén countryside, is characterised by a sweet and balanced flavour. Its cultivation of limestone and slate soils in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla enriches it, giving SUCUM extra virgin olive oil exclusive properties. SUCUM extra virgin olive oil possesses high aromatic intensity, fruity flavour of fresh olives and medium notes of green grass, banana and apple.

  • Cured cheese and cream cheese from the milk of our Floridas-Sevillanas goats.

From the milk from our floridas goats, we make both milk and cheese, with hints of rosemary, thyme, lavender, rockrose and other shrub species of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla. Starting from this natural raw material, the cheese is made using a traditional process in which we only add thistle rennet and salt. For the curing we add SUCUM V.E. Olive Oil to the outside of the cheese to form a crust that allows this cheese, consumed between 20º and 25ºC, to add many unusual flavours to other cheeses.

  • Cured sobrasada, made with magret from our Toulouse geese

With magret from geese we have introduced and reared in our Dehesa in the Sierra Norte, we have made sobrasada. These animals enjoy free grazing that endow our SUCUM Goose Sobrasada with the excellence and naturalness that our brand demands for a product to be released onto the market.

From a combination of magret made from goose meat, fat from the animal itself and an exact amount of paprika and other spices cured in natural casing, we obtain an excellent sobrasada that combines the virtues of traditional manufacturing processes with the nuances of goose meat from our farm.

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