Livestock Activity

With a long tradition of livestock in sheep, goats, cattle, pigs and poultry, Dehesa Frías farm rears quality livestock through an extensive and free-range system.

In our attempts to keep growing, we have consolidated a diversified livestock for which we have facilities that automate the specific production process of each of our livestock groups. Also, in addition to facilities for milking and dairy, we have in our own farm with a poultry slaughterhouse with cutting room as well as a sorter and egg identifier.


Our goat livestock, of the Florida or Sevillian breed, like our sheep, is extensively reared in our pasture. With an approximate number of five hundred goats, we sell live males and females as studs, as well as goats for slaughter, although the main purpose of this livestock is the production of goat's milk for the manufacture and mass sale of cheese.

The production of goat's milk has allowed us to carry out another form of vertical integration in Dehesa Frías, the production of cheese in our cheese-making facilities and the subsequent sale of this cheese.